Price Harvesting Soft Robot Detector

Blockchain applications are going to be very useful in the future at solving problems which require trust.   In some cases this means that existing middle-man service providers will become obsolete.  In other cases, blockchain apps may provide even better solutions in which a middle-man could not operate.

For example, It is increasingly difficult for ecom merchants to trust that web requests arriving on the website are from legitimate bona fide human beings.    There are various middle layer tools which can be used to make it harder for the robots, but we believe these do not go far enough in providing price data protection.

Price Robot Detection using Crypto Currency

One of the areas of trust which is hard to solve is the area of web user type identity.

We propose to utilise browser based cryptocurrency mining as an additional layer.    Although not a blockchain app per se,  we are able to apply the limitations of the robots which do not have JavaScript capabilities and/or have limited CPU processing power.

The price is revealed to the user in exchange for some computational power to solve a challenge which illegal price harvesting robots are not expected to overcome.   If the robots do not solve the challenge a false price is provided, thereby adding a layer of stealth to the solution.

Thereby, ecom merchants can selectively hide price sensitive data for the top selling products which their competitors are scanning.   Thus maintaining their profit margins in the face of over aggressive unethical actors.


  • Provides off the shelf tools for retailers to understand, protect and attack against the constantly evolving threats to their business.
  • Protects the massive investments made on any ECom platform with state-of-the-art defensive and pro-active tools which learn and adapt to retailers unique traffic data and ecom platform profile.
  • Gives merchants options on how to deal with the Amazon price and product harvesting robots.
  • Gives retailers more confidence in knowing customer identity at the point of contact, thus ECW increases defence without increasing buyer friction.
  • Helps retain real online shoppers who are price sensitive at a lower cost to business, by adding a measure of control in scenarios where there is price race to the bottom.

Additional preventative actions for broad websites documented here: